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We can scan all of your documents, organize everything, and create a file in which you can not only search for a particular PDF, but search the words contained within the PDFs, making it easier than ever before to find what you are looking for.

Pricing on Our Printing and Document Scanning Services:


Basic Document Scanning

$0.15 per page                                                                    

CD Bound Case

Includes up to 500 scanned pages, Index & Tabs linked to contents, 1 CD Bound Case in material to match bookbindings, with 2 lines of text on spine.


Additional Disc 

Additional CD Bound Case

$10.00 each

$20.00 each

Additional Pages Scanned $0.30 per page
CD Bound Front Cover Text Stamping $3.75 per line
25% Cotton Paper - (Thesis Bindings)

BW $0.18

Color $0.31

60 lb Opaque Paper 

BW $0.17

Color $0.30

Standard Copy Paper

BW $0.16

Color $0.29

Tabs $.30 each
Document Editing, File Layout, Pre-press, Cover Layout $60.00 per hour
Staple Extraction  $5.00 per book
Bound Booklets (converted to loose leaf) $3.75 per booklet