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Bookbinding Classes



All Classes are now held at our Studio Bindery in Downtown Houston, located at Spring St. Studios. 

Paper Marbling Workshop: Now Scheduling for the new year

This class is a favorite among book lovers and art enthusiast! We will create beautiful marbled paper and students will learn how to do this so that the work can be continued at home. We will learn many of the traditional patterns, such as the Stone marble, Get Gel, Nonpareil, Peacock, Feather, French curl, Spanish wave, and more. As bookbinders, these papers are traditionally used as book endsheets and for cover boards. We also marble book edges.  We will learn proper use of the necessary marbling ingredients such as paint, alum, carrageenan, and gall. Each person will be able to make at least 15 marbled sheets to take home. Prices are as follows. $150.00 for a one 7 hour day. Complimentary lunch at a nearby establishment. This will be the most fun class you will probably ever take. 


Beginning Bookbinding I:

We will cover the basics of case bindings. Students will become familiar with hand sewing in using a sewing frame, rounding, backing, measuring and preparing a book block for the cover. Students will have access to decorative papers, the materials and tools of a fully equipped bindery. This class is for beginners and those who are experienced yet want to improve on their skills. Prices are as follows.  $250 for a full 8 hour day. Complimentary lunches at a nearby establishment.


Advanced Bookbinding: 

In this class, students will be able to assess a book in need of repairs, minor and extensive. Students will be able to deconstruct, if necessary, the book cover, book block and make new or repair what you have. Students will learn how to sew in different methods to keep an old book block in shape or to put it back into shape. Students will have access to the sewing frames, leathers, decorative papers and all materials and tools of a fully equipped book bindery. With the assistance and direction of professionals, the students will leave the bindery with the knowledge and confidence to make full leather bindings and repair their classics. Prices are as follows. $350 for one 8 hour day, $590 for full weekend. Complimentary lunches at a nearby establishment.  


Slip Case and Clamshell Box Making: Now Scheduling for the new year

Introducing our first workshop! We will have a one day class, divided into two parts. 8 am - 12 pm, we will go over the construction of the slip case box and how to measure for one to custom fit a book. We will construct 2-3 boxes. 1 pm - 5 pm, we will go over the construction of the clamshell box and will construct 2-3 boxes. Bring with you a book smaller then 8.5" x 11" x 2" in thickness. We will part for lunch from 12 pm - 1 pm.

Prices are as follows. $250.00 for the entire day or you can register for either the slip case or the clamshell class for $150.00. Includes all bookcloth and binders board needed through the day.



We offer bookbinding classes a few times a year. Our classes do not consist of lectures and demonstrations but are truly hands on learning with direction, insight and assistance from professionals. You can come for a few hours* (4 hour minimum)  1 day or have extensive training over a full weekend course. To inquire about our classes fill out the form below and we will hold your information until our next class is available. Also, follow our website for information, future dates and scheduled classes. We are also working on small, shorter, more affordable workshops. Such as how to sew headbands, how to sew bookblocks by hand and how to marble paper.   O

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